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Robert Blanco

Who's Blanco?

Robert Blanco is a self taught Cuban American artist from the city of Miami, currently residing in New York City.  Majority of his work is acrylic on canvas & street art, all of which is heavily influenced by his surroundings and how he experiences them. Throughout his artistic career, Blanco has grasp inspiration from the natural patterns of nature to the always evolving flow of dense city populations. 

 From Murals to Exhibitions, Blancos work has been shown in Los Angeles, New York, Puerto Rico, & Miami. 


  •  The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles- 09/2022

  • SuperFine Art Fair, NYC- 09/2022

  • Ohio Mike & Friends, NYC (NY Post Featured)- 08/2022

  • The Patriot, O'Flaherty's Gallery, NYC (The New York Times  & Art News Featured) - 07/2022

  • Other Art Fair, Los Angeles- 03/2022

  • New Yorks Spy Museum, Skyscape NYC- 03/2022

  • Miami Style Group show, Miami-  02/2022

  • Who the F**K is Blanco, Art Basel Miami- 12/2021

  • DorDor Gallery, NYC - 10/2021

  • Another Planet Studios, NYC- 11/2021

  • East Village Art Collective, NYC- 08/2021

  • Event 88, NYC-07/2021

  • Vander Der Plas Gallery, NYC- 03/2021

  • LMNT Art Gallery, Miami - 03/2014

  • Wynwood Container Garden, Art Basel Miami- 12/2013

  • LMNT Art Gallery Miami- 08/2013

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